No frills.

Professional. Efficient.


Why pay a fortune for a server that has free webhosting, a free voice server, or free email, when all you really need are the bare essentials? You're a power user. If you wanted those extras, you could buy them separately. Right now, all you want is a fast, reliable gameserver.

And that's exactly what can give you. In fact, order here and you'll get one of the fastest, most reliable servers on the planet. Of course, it comes with a powerful, proven control panel; full FTP access; and high levels of automation, including instant setup. Those don't cost us anything, so we can include them and still keep the price low.

Why not order a server now? You won't really be going out on a limb, since the cost is so low. And you can always change the configuration at any time later on.

Thank you for your interest in DiscountGameServers. DGS is not currently accepting new orders, though existing servers will continue to run and be supported. If you have an existing server that you need to adjust, you can do so here.
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